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Bewley Sailing is a member school of the Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) , which governs the sport of sailing in Canada. All our programs are taught to their standards, which emphasise safety and good seamanship.
The Learn to Cruise division of the CYA, of which we are a part, teaches students to crew, or act as skipper aboard cruising sailboats.  There are a number of courses laid out to achieve this end and they are listed below.

The most popular training we do is the CYA Basic Cruising course.  This takes a student with limited or no prior experience, over a period of 5 days, to the point where they can skipper a sloop of 6 to 10 metres in familiar waters in good conditions.
This then qualifies them to operate or rent such a vessel in protected waters where they can practise their new skills. 
Those who wish to bareboat in the Gulf Islands, Virgin Islands or other popular boating areas should then take their Intermediate Cruising standard which is accepted in these areas as suitable proof of competence.  Advanced Cruising and Coastal Navigation training is also available.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the appropriate CYA certification to be recorded in your International Cruising Logbook recognised the world over by other national authorities.

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The authorised text for the CYA Basic Cruising Standard is Gillian West's book, BASIC CRUISING SKILLS. This is available for purchase in advance at a price of $30.00 CDN (includes shipping and taxes) and is refundable against the cost of the course.

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Choose from the following course options:

CYA Basic Crew (Competent Crew)

CYA Basic Cruising (Day Skipper)

CYA Intermediate Cruising (Bareboat Skipper)

CYA Advanced Cruising (Coastal Skipper)

CYA Coastal Navigation Standard

CYA / Coast Guard Card (Pleasure Craft Operator Card)

CYA Basic Crew
(Competent Crew)


"To be able to act as competent crew while cruising safely in familiar waters aboard a sloop rigged keelboat of 6-10 metres in moderate wind and sea conditions by day."

Dates Days
Upon Request

Course Content

  • As in the Basic Cruising course, but with the emphasis on being a crew member rather than taking command.
  • This standard suits those who want to learn the basics but don't yet wish to act as skipper. It can also be used to attain the first half of the Basic Cruising standard for those who wish to split their training over two weekends.

CYA Basic Cruising Standard
(Day Skipper)


"To be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sloop rigged keel boat of 6-10 metres in moderate wind and sea conditions by day"


Dates 2010 # of Days Cost
March 20
March 27
Weekends $695
March 8 5 $995
April 5
April 12 5
April 17
April 24
Weekends $695
April 26 5 $995
May 10 5 $1,095
May 17 5
May 31 5
June 5 5
July 12 5 $1,195
July 19 5
July 26 5
August 9 5
August 16 5
August 23 5
August 30 5
September 13 5 - 7 $1,095
September 20 5 - 7
September 27 5 - 7
October 4 5 $995

Inquire about other dates.

Course Content Synopsis

  • Boating terms and definitions.
  • Points of sail.
  • Sail boat gear and equipment.
  • Safety and the rules of the road.
  • Weather.
  • Basic seamanship.
  • Boathandling under sail and power.
  • Anchoring and tying up.

CYA Intermediate Cruising Standard
(Bareboat Skipper)


"To be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sailing yacht of 8-12 metres in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. Emphasises on-the-water skills at a level acceptable for bareboat chartering."

Dates 2010 # of Days Cost
May 31 5 $1,095
June 7 5
June 13 10 $2,295
July TBA 5 $1,195
August TBA 5
September 13 5 $1,095

about other dates.

Course Content Synopsis

  • Cruise and passage planning.
  • Aspects of living afloat.
  • Weather.
  • Improved boat handling.
  • Seamanship and problem solving.
  • Navigation.
  • Boat Maintenance.
  • Flying a spinnaker.
  • VHF procedures.

CYA Advanced Cruising Standard
(Coastal Skipper)

(Includes a period of 48 hours continually under way.)


"To be able to navigate a vessel in all conditions of visibility and weather in accordance with a prepared passage plan, applying the principles and techniques of safe navigation aided by electronic instruments and radar."

Dates 2010 # of Days Cost

June 27

Tofino to Vancouver

7 $1,595

Course Content Synopsis

  • Detailed Passage Planning.
  • Weather Analysis.
  • Pre-departure Safety & Equipment checks.
  • Practise of the CYA Coastal Navigation Standard.
  • Advanced sailing theory and practise.
  • Flying a spinnaker.
  • Advanced boat handling.
  • Night Sailing.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Use of GPS and Radar.

CYA Coastal Navigation Standard


"To be able to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate in coastal or inland waters."


Runs concurrently with Basic and Intermediate Cruises of
7 to 9 days.

Course Content Synopsis

  • How to read a chart.
  • Lights, symbols, abbreviations.
  • Navigational tools.
  • Use of Govt. publications.
  • Aids to navigation.
  • Compass work.
  • Plotting a course.
  • Determining position.

CYA / Coast Guard Card
for the Canadian Coast Guard Pleasure Craft Operator Card



"To meet the mandatory proficiency requirement of the Canadian Coast Guard to operate a pleasure craft fitted with a motor."



Runs concurrently on Learn to Cruise trips.

Course Content Synopsis

  • Legal aspects of boating.
  • How to handle emergencies.
  • Responsible conduct on the water.
  • How to operate pleasure craft.


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