Sailing School


Basic Crew (Competent Crew)


"To be able to act as competent crew while cruising safely in familiar waters aboard a sloop rigged keelboat of 6-10 metres in moderate wind and sea conditions by day."


Course Content Synopsis

  • As in the Basic Cruising course, but with the emphasis on being a crew member rather than taking command.
  • This standard suits those who want to learn the basics but don't yet wish to act as skipper. It can also be used to attain the first half of the Basic Cruising standard for those who wish to split their training over two weekends.



More course options:

CYA Basic Cruising (Day Skipper) - Learn to take command.

CYA Intermediate Cruising (Bareboat Skipper) - Extend your skippering skills and gain greater confidence.

CYA Advanced Cruising (Coastal Skipper) - Experience the challenges of heavier weather and night sailing.

CYA Coastal Navigation Standard -Find your way safely from A to B.

CYA / Coast Guard Card (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) - Mandatory licence for powered pleasure craft.