Sailing School


Advanced Cruising Standard (Coastal Skipper)

  • 7 Day Cruise and Learn to Desolation Sound, or West Coast Vancouver Island.
    (Includes a period of 48 hours continually under way.)
    From $1435

"To be able to navigate a vessel in all conditions of visibility and weather in accordance with a prepared passage plan, applying the principles and techniques of safe navigation aided by electronic instruments and radar."


Course Content Synopsis

  • Detailed Passage Planning.
  • Weather Analysis.
  • Pre-departure Safety & Equipment checks.
  • Practise of the CYA Coastal Navigation Standard.
  • Advanced sailing theory and practise.
  • Flying a spinnaker.
  • Advanced boat handling.
  • Night Sailing.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Use of GPS and Radar.


More course options:

CYA Basic Crew (Competent Crew) - Become a useful member of a sail boat crew.

CYA Basic Cruising (Day Skipper) - Learn to take command.

CYA Intermediate Cruising (Bareboat Skipper) - Extend your skippering skills and gain greater confidence.

CYA Coastal Navigation Standard -Find your way safely from A to B.

CYA / Coast Guard Card (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) - Mandatory licence for powered pleasure craft.